POA (Power of Attorney) Services

PoA (Power of Attorney) is giving a person the authority to act on your behalf in business and legal matters. This person will be in charge of your financial, legal or property transactions.

There are 2 different types of PoA, General Power of Attorney; which is giving the person broad powers on your behalf, or Special PoA, which is limiting the procedures or tasks the person is allowed to handle on your behalf.

We offer PoA services to our clients where we can act on their behalves in business matters.

We also offer our assistance with PoA if you would like to give the authority to 3rd party to be used in your home country. POA to be signed in the UAE has to be in 2 languages English and Arabic. We assist our clients in the following steps:

Drafting POA as per your requirements in English and Arabic
Legal Translation services for POA
Assistance in Public Notary for POA to be signed in front of the officer