All swimming pool accessories available under a single roof like a telescopic pole | leaf skimmer | & pool brushes.
Regular maintenance of the swimming pool by changing water filters.
Skimmer and pool pump cleaning
Deep pool cleaning by emptying it and overhauling the walls by using agents.
Pool plant regular maintenance

Reliable Swimming Pool Cleaning In Dubai

Is this an everyday hassle that who’s going to clean the pool? Need a crystal clear pool with no chlorine issues? Let Fix a Home experts handle it for you and offer you the swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services.
We know that precision is the key to sparkling swimming pool cleaning in Dubai. We truly understand the importance of a cleaner pool and related water illnesses. Under our service of swimming pool cleaning in Dubai, we do brushing, vacuuming and cleaning areas of your pool that are visibly dirty. We provide complete cleaning and swim pool maintenance every time we visit. Being equipped with modern equipment and trained staff we ensure no residue is left behind and your pool will look crystal clear.

Why choose us?

Having a swimming pool on your property can be a pretty sweet deal during those hot summer months. But like most good things, a swimming pool requires quite a bit of maintenance and attention to detail. We are a commitment to perfection in providing a swimming pool cleaning in Dubai. Our cleaning process is 100% safe & eco-friendly, and performed by certified crew in a very professional manner. Don’t believe us? Get yourself a trial now or request a free quote. Once you’ll hire us, you’ll yourself say we’re brilliant, lovely and professional people to work with.