Company Trade License in UAE

When starting a business in Dubai, one of the most important documents you need is the Trade License. A trade license designates the business activities that your company can conduct across the UAE.

According to the law, the Department of Economic Development (DED) is responsible for all regulations for all businesses set outside the free zone. Moreover, since non-GCC nationals are not permitted to own the majority of the shares, the UAE has issued a system of shared ownership, which allows GCC nationals to own 51% of the company unless you set your business in the free zone.

There are three types of trade licenses to be obtained in Dubai:
Industrial trade license
For businesses that focus on industrial and manufacturing services.
Commercial trade license
This license is for different types of trading activities.
Professional trade license
This trade license is for service providers, professionals, and artisans.

Benefits of getting a Trade License in UAE

Set up your business faster.
Save time and money.
Issue the right type of license.
Renew your current trade license.
The process of getting a trade license in Dubai, UAE can involve a lot of rules, regulations, and procedures. You must first select a trade name, get the related memorandum and articles prepared, and then apply for the DED approval. There is a high chance of mistakes. Our trade license services aim to make the entire process of getting a trade license in the UAE quick, easy, and reliable. Our business specialists commit to helping you through each step of the process and offer friendly advice for any queries you might get. We make sure that you are not caught unaware and help you avoid any undesirable overheads.

The requirement for opening a company in mainland Dubai are mostly like those for companies in the city’s Free Zone. At here, we take care all legalities and compliances involved and ensure that you can focus on your business responsibilities with any undue stress.